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The Oro School Fair is a Township tradition that has been enjoyed by parents, students, and teachers for many years. The Oro School Fair began as a separate event in 1915 sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture. The Oro School Fair became a part of the Oro World's Fair in 1948. The School Fair is now funded by the Oro Agricultural Society and is held in conjunction with the Oro World's Fair. Many students of Oro-Medonte take advantage each year of this opportunity to be a part of our rural heritage and to acknowledge the importance of Agriculture in our lives. The relationship between the school and the community is an important one. This tradition serves to strengthen this bond and provides students with curriculum support in many areas of study.
For more information please contact Marion Jermey @ 705-487-5822, or Oro Agricultural Society Secretary Lynn Fisher @ 705-487-1753

Oro School Fair Committee
Chairperson:  Marion Jermey  705-487-5822

Committee Members:
Corine Gray, Hazel Drury, Lynda Crawford, June Sanderson, Don Campbell, Dalyce Hutchinson, Audrey Langman, Emily
Campbell, Ed Campbell, Heather Lynch, Michele McConney, and Krista Jermey.
Click Here to download a copy of the 2015 OWF School Fair Book

(PDF Format. School Fair and Jr. Fair included)

(from main prize book)